Monday, January 24 2022 - 6:01 AM

Sharing Christ Through the Arts



The urge to create is a God-thing. In the beginning God created, then he made us in his image!


Contrary to what others may say, we think some of the best songs (and hymns) have yet to be written. This section highlights the challenges of songwriting and music making in today’s world.


In today’s crazy world, it’s hard to sit down and read, let alone write something of substance! This section features short essays and stories about life, faith and more.


A lot can be said without words. Putting paint on a piece of canvas, or graphite scribbles on white drawing paper can say volumes about justice, the important of truth-telling and more.


When utilized properly, the elements of design put a painting, story, or project in its best light. The interplay of objects, space, color and value, make for a pleasing finished work.


“Once upon a time” is the hook that pulls us all in. Who doesn’t enjoy a good story that is well told? Film is a powerful vehicle for effective story-telling in the twenty-first century.


Once you’ve created your art, video or music, how do you get the word out? What are the best tools and practices to promote your work?

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