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Brittany Winkfield and Rico Wint


We asked Brittany Winkfield about Back2Basics (the magazine she edits) and the motivation that drives her to produce it.

Editor – Brittany, you publish a magazine called Back2Basics for young adults that is fresh, relevant and graphically pleasing! We’d like to learn more about it, but first, we’d like to learn more about you. Tell us about yourself and what motivated you to publish a new magazine for young adults.

Winkfield – I’ve been interested in the publishing industry since a very young age, and was blessed to intern at VIBE Magazine in New York City, and Upscale Magazine in Atlanta. I never thought my purpose would be to create a publication, but after seeing a need, Back2Basics Magazine (B2B Mag) was born to serve as a platform for young adults to express, encourage and excite. I was motivated by our mission to inform and inspire young people in their walk with Christ. We are hungry for those who are disaffected and disengaged in the church.

Editor – That’s fascinating. So tell me more about the group you’re hoping to dialog with. Are they young adults who no longer attend, or are maybe on the fringe and headed away from the church? Maybe you can expand on that a little, and tell us what kind response you are getting.

Winkfield – This magazine is especially for today’s dynamic young adult–ages 18-35. Every other month B2B’s editorial content is designed to help young people move their lives forward spiritually, personally, professionally and intellectually. Sections such as Relationships, Healthy Living, and Fashion cover topics that focus on career and finance, health and lifestyle, and share an intimate connection with readers.

Editor – Who is this sponsored by? Do you have a connection with the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

Winkfield – It’s funny you ask that question because we are in the process of asking for the recognized, official endorsement of the North American Division (NAD). The NAD has undertaken the bold task of identifying causes for the rapid decline in its young adult membership. While the study is ongoing, the need to provide a viable voice to those who remain, and others who are reachable, is an opportunity for every level of church ministry. We see ourselves as full partners with the NAD quest. B2B Mag is a donor-based publication and we are constantly seeking sponsors and advertisers.

Editor – The quality of your content and production deserves greater recognition. It is well done. So, can writers submit articles and stories? Do you welcome unsolicited submissions?

Winkfield – Because B2B Mag is the voice of young adults, all of our content is self-submitted articles. We love to publish the work of talented creatives to share with our readers. Anyone interested can send articles, layouts, photos, poems, drawings, original songs, videos (really anything you create) to [email protected].

Editor – OK. Is this an online magazine, or is it available in print? What formats are available, and how much does it cost?

Winkfield – Back2Basics Magazine is easily accessible as an electronic publication online [ ] and via our mobile app (Apple and Android devices). Nothing to purchase, just a Word to share.

Editor – In closing is there anything you would like to say that we haven’t touched on?

Winkfield – I would like to show share this video.

Editor – Thank you for your commitment to those among us who are searching for answers to life’s tough questions. May God bless your ministry!

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