Tuesday, February 7 2023 - 7:13 PM

Sharing Christ Through the Arts


Gibson 50’s LG-2

Part of the joy of playing guitar is finding the right instrument that suits your size and comfort. The Gibson LG-2 is a favorite of …

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Songs Remembered

Over the last few years the Pacific Union Conference has held four songwriting contests that have featured some incredible songs. Some were award-winning...

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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

La Sierra University in Riverside, California has a strong fine arts and music program that results in many creative endeavors. This video was produced by …

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You Can Do This Hard Thing

A Message from Carrie Newcomer: “Barbara Kingsolver has written about a phrase she uses to encourage her children, ‘You can do hard things.’ I loved …

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Hearing God’s Call

We asked Angela Bryant-Brown about her music ministry and the impact that music has made on her life. inSpire – Angela, you have a great heart …

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Ride the Morning Winds

La Sierra University presents vocal ensemble UNITED in their second music video that features the incredibly beautiful song: Ride the Morning Winds.

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Singing About Mercy, and More!

We recently interviewed Kendall Chaffee, a singer/songwriter from southern Florida. His story is inspiring and motivational. Editor—Kendall, I came across your music a few years …

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My Journey Into Songwriting

We recently interviewed Margo Westmoreland Blehm about her journey into songwriting and music production. Here is her story. Editor—Margo, you have a passion for creating …

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