Tuesday, October 26 2021 - 11:23 AM

Sharing Christ Through the Arts


Snowflake Fantasies

Snowflakes are swirling in sparkling bright clouds…. Glittering like diamonds… Enveloping the crowds… Tiny crystals just pummel.. People’s rosy red cheeks… Six sided designs… With …

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Wait Here

man on top of mountain

God waits for some sign of human feeling. Nothing’s here but gelled indifference, cooling to the touch. God thunders in the mountain pass. A juniper …

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2021 Songwriting Contest

Calling all Adventist Songwriters – you are invited to participate in our annual inSpire Songwriting Contest! Once again inSpire is hosting its annual songwriting contest. …

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Imagine That

It’s tough sometimes to explain to other Christians what I do. I write kid songs, but not the Vacation Bible School sort. No, my songs …

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Getting Ready for Print

There is a lot more involved in printing than you might think. A successful print piece is a collaboration. It is a partnership between the …

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Singing for Jesus

We asked Athena Sorensen from Paso Robles, California, about her journey into music and how God is using it to bless others. Editor —Athena, thank …

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Right There With Me

Athena Sorensen is an Adventist singer/songwriter who went through a difficult experience that prompted her to reach out in desperation to God. She said, “This …

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The Long Way Home

We interviewed Bill Church about his journey to God and his interest in music. He has quite the conversion story of how God brought him …

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My Fascination with Words

We interviewed Kathy Bryant, an Adventist poet living in Northern California. For many years she has had a fascination with words and their arrangement. Such …

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