Tuesday, October 26 2021 - 6:10 PM

Sharing Christ Through the Arts


Snowflake Fantasies

Snowflakes are swirling in sparkling bright clouds…. Glittering like diamonds… Enveloping the crowds… Tiny crystals just pummel.. People’s rosy red cheeks… Six sided designs… With …

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Wait Here

man on top of mountain

God waits for some sign of human feeling. Nothing’s here but gelled indifference, cooling to the touch. God thunders in the mountain pass. A juniper …

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My Fascination with Words

We interviewed Kathy Bryant, an Adventist poet living in Northern California. For many years she has had a fascination with words and their arrangement. Such …

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Writing From the Heart

We recently interviewed Sari Fordham, an Associate Professor of English at La Sierra University in Riverside, California. Editor – Sari, you are a superb writer, …

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There’s a long limousine at the head of the pack that’s taken more dreams than it can bring back. There are more body bags than …

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Staging Words

girl reclined in chair, writing

If It Ain’t on the Page, Then It Ain’t on the Stage. I’ve had a few heaven-sent moments where “being a writer” bore tasty fruit. …

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Shaping Your Identity

Shaping My Identity

“I lost 140 pounds and my identity.” Such testimonial would have heads scratching if Nutrisystem or Atkins used it to tout their products, but it …

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The Thief

I was a lowly criminal, A murderer, a thief. For me there was no hope at all, No freedom, no relief. I had been in …

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A King Is Born

A King is Born

It was a simple, lowly town In Judah’s tribal land, But from it there would rise a king With a skilled workman’s hand. This mighty …

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Beyond Fear

a person sitting on a rock

It’s not a giant shouting a challenge to his enemy, but a still, small voice that is calling me, I don’t have to trust and …

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