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Sharing Christ Through the Arts

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Snowflake Fantasies

Snowflakes are swirling
in sparkling bright clouds….

Glittering like diamonds…
Enveloping the crowds…

Tiny crystals just pummel..
People’s rosy red cheeks…

Six sided designs…
With a million uniques..

They pile high in drifts…
Invitations for play….

Eager children beg parents..
To go out the next day…

The white fairyland….
Can be seen in the glow…

Of dazzling street lamps..
Putting on quite a show…

Plain and hill are all clothed..
In their Wintertime dress…

It’s a spectacle to see….
With Nature’s touch of finesse….

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About Kathy Jo Bryant and Rich DuBose

Kathy Jo Bryant

writes from Northern California.

Rich DuBose

writes from Northern California.

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