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Reverence for Life

When I look at the stars or the ocean I am in awe! Words are inadequate to describe their vastness, distance, and isolation! Their horizons are unending and so distracting from the ordinary heartaches that plague me.

When I look at a child I am in awe! They are so full of promise and possibility. For them, the only thing that stands between promise and fulfillment is poverty, hunger, safety, and prejudice—which is heart-wrenching because each one can turn their life into misery. So, when anyone makes it to adulthood, it is a miracle! When they graduate from high school or college, it is astounding! When they choose to fight injustice, greed, or hate, it is heart-warming! When humans turn into “better angels,” the underworld is warned that “trouble” is on the way!

Each day we make choices that identify us as part of the problem, or part of the cure. The deciding factor is reverence for life! Do we still have it, or have we allowed life’s circumstances to annihilate it? Can we still hope even though we’re surrounded by despair? Or, have we allowed the ideologues and political junkies to eat us alive with their corrosive talking points? Do the stars and the ocean still inspire us with a sense of wonder and awe? Do we still find hope in the mystery of this thing called life—even on a broken planet?

“Despite the fact that our outer humanity is falling apart and decaying, our inner humanity is breathing in new life every day. You see, the short-lived pains of this life are creating for us an eternal glory that does not compare to anything we know here. So we do not set our sights on the things we can see with our eyes. All of that is fleeting; it will eventually fade away. Instead, we focus on the things we cannot see, which live on and on” (2 Corinthians 4:16-18, The Voice).

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