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Snowflake Fantasies

Snowflakes are swirling in sparkling bright clouds…. Glittering like diamonds… Enveloping the crowds… Tiny crystals just pummel.. People’s rosy red cheeks… Six sided designs… With …

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My Fascination with Words

We interviewed Kathy Bryant, an Adventist poet living in Northern California. For many years she has had a fascination with words and their arrangement. Such …

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There’s a long limousine at the head of the pack that’s taken more dreams than it can bring back. There are more body bags than …

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The Thief

I was a lowly criminal, A murderer, a thief. For me there was no hope at all, No freedom, no relief. I had been in …

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A King Is Born

A King is Born

It was a simple, lowly town In Judah’s tribal land, But from it there would rise a king With a skilled workman’s hand. This mighty …

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