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The Thief
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The Thief

I was a lowly criminal,
A murderer, a thief.
For me there was no hope at all,
No freedom, no relief.

I had been in jail,
Since I do not know when,
But then a miracle happened…
Where do I begin?

‘Twas the yearly celebration,
The time of the Passover feast,
It was the annual custom
To release “one of the least.”

They brought me ‘fore the people-
My time had surely come.
And then they brought forth Jesus,
Who I knew, no wrong had done.

The people laughed and spit at Him,
They mocked Him left and right.
Yet He did not curse or yell at them,
You should have seen the sight.

And then our Governor, Pilate,
Before the people came.
To release a lowly prisoner-
That’s when I heard my name.

He said unto the people there,
“A tradition, you have got,
Now Jesus, or Barabbas,
Who’ll get the freedom lot?”

“Give to us Barabbas,
He’s the one we want!
Kill this man named Jesus!”
They cried out with a taunt.

I wasn’t sure I’d heard them right,
But midst the taunts and jeers,
I was given freedom,
I scarce believed my ears.

Yes, I was given freedom,
While this man, the Christ,
Made His way to Calvary,
He paid the ultimate price.

They led Him to Golgotha,
And there, on rugged tree,
The Son of God, the sinless Lamb,
Gave His life for me.

I was but a criminal,
I was doomed to die,
But this man named Jesus
Came down from on high.

He lived a life of service,
Free from guilt and shame,
Ever lifting up His Dad,
Jesus-what a name.

Yes, I was once in prison,
But now I’ve been set free,
Thanks to the Holy Lamb of God,
Who gave His life for me.

I have been forgiven,
I am no more the same.
Now I live throughout my days
To glorify His name.

Jathan Pfeifle writes from Central California.

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Jathan Pfeifle

Jathan Pfeifle

writes from Central California.

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