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Sharing Christ Through the Arts

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How to Market Your Song

Today’s songwriters have a wealth of resources that can be used to get their music heard. It’s the worst of times and the best of times for musicians. It’s bad because today’s business model for musicians makes it harder to actually make a living as a musician. People aren’t buying CD’s anymore, and everything has gone to streaming services, which pay artists pennies on the dollar to share their music with the world.

One bright spot is that vinyl is back! Actually, vinyl records passed CD sales within the last year or so. But where artists today make most of their money is with concerts, where they can sell their merchandise and music. With COVID there isn’t too much of that going on. So yes, times are tough!

How to Publish Your Song(s)

Ditto Music – Once your music is recorded, mixed and mastered and ready to be released, a great place to go is Ditto Music. For a flat annual fee you can release as many songs as you like.

CD Baby – This company can promotes, press CD’s vinyl, provide your music to all the streaming services, and more.

(more resources coming soon)

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