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Knock Knock

Animation majors Mugi Kinoshita, Avery Kroll, and Ruth Perez created this short, “Knock Knock,” over four months during the fall of their junior year, 2020. Created sitting between sheets of plexiglass, wearing masks, it’s a story about finding connection in a COVID-19 world.

“Throughout this project, I found myself relating to the characters in ways that I didn’t expect. What makes this short meaningful to me is the fact that I see myself and part of my journey this past year reflected in the story. And it is my hope that each person can also relate to ‘Knock Knock’ in some special way.” —Avery Kroll, senior animation major.

“Even with what is happening out there, we were able to still work together and create something that represented how it was for all of us in the beginning of all this.” —Ruth Perez, senior animation major.

The film received the Windrider Best Undergraduate Student Film Award during the 2022 Windrider Summit at the Sundance Film Festival, as well as “Best Animated Short,” “Best in Festival,” and “Audience Choice Award” at the 2021 Sonscreen Film Festival.

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