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Sharing Christ Through the Arts

Street Art Ministry With Milt

Some of you know Milton Coronado very well. If you don’t know him, I just want to say that he is my “spiritual son.” I met him back in 2005 at GC Session while Josh Murillo and I were doing “Street Art Ministry” in St Louis. We connected right away since we had a lot in common. We brought him on board as part of our “Street Art Ministry” team and the rest is history. He has taken the “Street Art Ministry” to another level. I am so proud of him. A few years after we met him, he was called to serve as a Youth Pastor, and he continues to paint and do ministry. Please watch the interview (a WGN interview linked below) and share. I’ve sponsored 100 “Changed” Books published by Pacific Press to be given away at Milt’s community event. Please pray for this.

Watch and share this WGN news interview with Milton Coronado—the man behind some of the most talked about murals in Chicago. Check him out on Facebook: Milt Coronado, and Instagram: @milt1coronado

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