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Sharing Christ Through the Arts

The King Dreams

This song is from a unique album that takes you on a musical journey through the book of Daniel and reminds you that God is in control and he has a dream for the world and for your life. More than 20 artists of a variety of musical styles bring the prophetic book to life through music. Check out the full album here.

Executive Producers: Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, David Kim, Paula Roeloffs, Mari-Carmen & Micah Gallego
Music Producers: Jennifer Jill Schwirzer & Lee G
Engineering Producer, Mixing, Narration & Scores: Delon Lawrence
Associate Engineering Producer: Chris Irrgang
Mastering: Reuben Cohen of Lurrsen Mastering
Narration Script: Jennifer Jill Schwirzer
Graphic Design: Andrew Carroll
Director of Photography: Krystal Irrgang
Studio Space & Lodging: Chris & Krystal Irrgang

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Rich DuBose

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