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Sharing Christ Through the Arts

A Thousand Years

As sung by Alison Brook Schwirzer.

The Story Behind the Song – In the winter of 2009, a poet named Jennifer Jill Schwirzer felt impressed to put the book of Revelation to verse. Part way through that endeavor, Jennifer, who is also a songwriter and recording artist, began to turn some of her verses into songs. “Wouldn’t it be great to record a whole album of songs based on Revelation?” she thought. Realizing she lacked the resources to create a project of this magnitude, Jennifer contacted several of her established musician friends. No one seemed interested. She shelved the idea.

Shortly after, Jennifer met Lee Givhan and Delon Lawrence. “Lee G and Delon” as they were known by their following around Philadelphia, performed as a duo with Lee rapping and Delon beatboxing or “making beats” in his recording studio. Having become more serious about their faith around this time, Lee and Delon began writing Bible based songs and spoken word pieces. Delon even arranged some of Jennifer’s songs. That was the beginning of a collection of songs that were recorded and released.

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